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A Good Day For Elephants

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A Good Day For Elephants

We nearly had a few disappointed campers this weekend when there hopes looked to be dashed upon viewing no elephants on their morning game drive. Perseverance prevailed however when shortly before leaving this guy charged out of the bushes at us (thankfully, otherwise we may have missed him).

Once he’d calmed down he very graciously posed for photos and let us sit and watch him graze. It never ceases to amaze me how majestic these creatures are, how easily they blend into the surroundings and how quiet they are.

I will never tire of watching elephants…


Name That Bird (please…)

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Name That Bird (please...)

We caught this bird up in the trees in Liwonde National Park last weekend and we have an argument going between our guides as to the exact species.

One is adamant that it’s a Marshal Eagle whilst another seems certain that it isn’t but can’t come up with an alternative; just that the Marshal Eagle is to rare a find in Liwonde for it to be so.

If there are any twitchers out there that can shed any light I’d be greatly appreciative so as to end this mini war that’s consuming most dinners in our lodge.

Doing it Malawi Style

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Doing it Malawi Style

So after a heavy amount of unexpected rainfall on Sunday night (it’s supposed to be the end of the rainy season), we ventured out on a game drive early Monday morning. Whilst or 4×4 zebra copes with almost anything there was one patch of mud that made us almost skid into a tree before coming to an abrupt halt with wheels freewheeling in the mud.

Our fearless leader must have baulked when realising he had a car fall of ladies to try and help him push the car to freedom; but once again the Dutch rallied around and traipsing through calf high puddles and dodging elephant dung they scrabbled around to find pieces of wood to place under the wheels before rocking the 4×4 out of the mud.

Jubilation ensued all round and we all clambered back aboard only to get stuck a short while later. This happened a couple more times and each time the girls enthusiasm, strength and determination didn’t wain. Despite slips and near falls, covered head to toe in mud and flip flops buried in mud the ladies were eager to continue the drive and were rewarded as we tracked down a number of animals in out time in the park with no more complications. The ladies arrived back to the lodge and had a well deserved breakfast.

Remembering to Look Up

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Life In Liwonde


Too often life gets you get caught up in the day-to-day running of things to the extent that your head stays down while you try your best to get through all the things that get thrown at you…and then you breathe and look up.

As one of our crewmen was away at college, I had the pleasure of accompany the rest of the crew on an overnight cruise a few days ago, and after I got over the initial withdrawal symptoms of not being online and thinking of all the things that I should be doing on dry land I was so glad I went. Once the guests had been settled with drinks in hand and we’d set off at a gentle glide I grabbed a drink myself and sat, looked and looked again and remembered why I love this country.

Whilst seeing the sights of a family of elephants…

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